Our Mission

MO4PAWS is a California based 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue and adoption organization dedicated to saving the lives of cat and dog companion animals. 

For the animals we rescue and save, we care for them, we show them love and compassion, and we give them the true meaning of a “shelter” until we find their furever homes.

Our Vision

MO4PAWS is here to work towards a world where animals lives are valued and protected, and every community and animal shelter has life-saving policies and programs in place to help them.

The creation of MO4PAWS grew out of a desire to address the inhumane treatment and senseless killing of healthy, treatable, and adoptable animals in America’s kill shelters. Everyday thousands of companion animals are euthanized by the shelters that have been put in place to help them.

Through education, awareness, advocacy, and compassion, we can make a difference and transform our high-kill animal shelter system. By not doing anything, we are consenting to millions of animal deaths per year. It is time to be a voice for these animals, and inspire people to do the same.

MO4PAWS is a voice advocating that our companion animals lives matter, a voice promoting adoption from animal shelters and rescue organizations, a voice promoting awareness around responsible pet ownership, a voice promoting awareness around the importance of spay and neuter, and a voice advocating for shelter reform.

Every year, an estimated 2,000,000 animals are euthanized in shelters across America.

The MO4PAWS platform promotes animal welfare and the no-kill movement through our adoption stores, innovative technology, education & awareness, spay and neuter, partnerships, and our commitment to shelter reform.

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MO4PAWS is giving a voice to millions of animals out there who cannot speak up for themselves.  


This is just the beginning of our journey.

We hope you all want to be a part of something where you can truly make a difference for our companion animals.


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