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Our goal is to help raise awareness and increase adoption rates by promoting additional channels for pet adoption.

We aim to create a chain of MO4PAWS adoption pet store locations in urban areas across California and throughout the nation offering animals from shelters and animals abandoned or surrendered by their owners. By changing the environment in which our shelter dogs and cats currently live in, we can provide these animals and potential adopters a phenomenal experience in a comfortable setting where they can meet their future family.

Not only will we be able to save the lives of countless animals and give them the true meaning of a β€œshelter” until we find them homes, but we will also be able to provide educational opportunities in each community and awareness around adopting, responsible pet ownership, the importance of spaying and neutering, and shelter reform.

MO4PAWS is here to give our cat and dog companion animals a second chance at the happy life they deserve.

Compassion through Animals

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